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Client Benefits

Medical Insurance Claims & Reimbursements

Physicians Specialty Services offers astute business management practices to provide insurance claims and reimbursements for our chiropractic and physical therapy clients.

Client Benefits

Take advantage of the many benefits afforded clients of Physicians Specialty Services, all designed to provide a complete solution to your needs.


With our elevated level of accounts receivable recovery, the work of Physicians Specialty Services effectively pays itself. Profit margins are further increased due to additional savings, such as: 
• No Clearinghouse Fees • No Software Update Expenses • No Postage or Correspondence Fees
• A Reduction in Filing & Storage Expense • A Reduction in Administrative & Training Expenses


Expedited Reimbursements

National statistics show that only about 70% of insurance claims initially submitted on paper are ever paid by insurance carriers. With electronic submission, Physicians Specialty Services can increase the percentage of claims paid to around 98%. In most cases, our billing clients are reimbursed within 21 days. In fact, many of our clients have less than 30 days of accounts receivable on their books.
Doctor holding records, Insurance Claims & Reimbursements

Chiropractor & PT Reimbursement

Not getting full reimbursement? Let our chiropractic/PT billing specialists rebill those denied services and show how to maximize your insurance payments.

We work toward the highest level of payment for procedures, as well as a healthier cash flow. Since our fee is based upon a percentage of collections, we're completely performance driven. Our success is contingent upon yours!

Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, & Attorney Liens

Our well-trained staff is fully prepared for the specific skills utilized in specialty cases such as workers' compensation, personal injury, Med Pay™, and attorney liens. Our stringent monitoring ensures these cases don't go uncollected.


Strong Relationships

Efficiency is important, and so are the relationships we develop with your patients and insurance carriers. Your needs and theirs go hand in hand. We provide personal attention to every full-service account. A billing supervisor is assigned to your account and is in regular contact with your office.

Confidentiality & Security

We guarantee confidentiality of all patient records, bills, and files, both paper and electronic. Scanned documents are entered into our system for accessibility and are password protected. Scheduled data backups are performed daily to prevent any loss of data. Physicians Specialty Services assures Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance with all our services.


Whether your Tax ID has changed or you need support with NPI enrollment, Physicians Specialty Services can assist you in keeping your revenue flowing. 
Contact our physician services company to learn more about our client benefits.

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