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Electronic Medical Claim Billing

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and software, we are committed to providing efficient timely returns on your medical claims. We submit insurance claims to clearinghouses electronically to expedite insurance claim reimbursement, with online claim corrections that further increase the rate of return. We also stay on top of state and federal law changes as well as diagnosis updates.
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Aged Claim Recovery

Is your current billing situation in disorder? Physicians Specialty Services reviews previously billed insurance claims to verify and recover payment, and ensure denied and underpaid claims are corrected immediately to maximize reimbursement for clients. This feature has recovered over $100,000 in revenues for our clients that would have gone uncollected!

Contact Management

 As soon as an issue arises, be it an insurance denial, carrier request for additional information, or something else, it is logged into a contact management application where conversation/activity logs are recorded and appointment reminders set. This process ensures that no issue "falls through the cracks".
• Patient Aging
• Production Reports
• Insurance Claim Aging
• Activity Reports
• Practice Analysis
• Custom Reports (depending on data 

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Practice Management

Take advantage of our extended knowledge base by having us evaluate and adjust your coding structure to maximize reimbursement. Fee reviews are available to ensure that you are not under-billing your services. Billing inquiries from patients and insurers are resolved as part of our complete solution.
Find a complete solution to your billing inquiries by contacting our Medical Billing Management company.

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