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In today's demanding medical environment, physicians are faced with ever increasing regulatory, governmental, financial, and administrative challenges. Physicians Specialty Services helps alleviate many of these concerns, allowing you to focus on practicing medicine while we focus on the business of medicine. Our service-oriented philosophy, when combined with our technical expertise, extensive experience, stringent claim follow-up, and high level of professional interaction, make Physicians Specialty Services the premier choice for your billing and practice management needs.

Two Women, Aged Claim Recovery in California

Physicians Specialty Services has been providing premium-billing services for years and is a leader in advanced features not found in many of our competitor's services. We handle all aspects of a practice's accounts receivable. This approach to offering a complete reimbursement solution has enabled practices to maximize their revenue, minimize expenses, and streamline operations.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on customizing services to meet the unique needs of each practice. If you have special requirements, be sure to mention them to our representatives to see how we can best assist you.

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